Top Garage / Pants One & Only / Shoes Zara / Clutch Givenchy

The other day as i was killing time waiting for my friend to show up, i ended up browsing through the stores in a mall close by (Greenbelt mall). Surprisingly, I ended up falling in love with a lot of the boutiques they had there. I feel like a lot of people probably wouldn't think to go to any of those stores, let alone greenbelt mall to begin with, but if you look past their ratchet exteriors and actually give these places a chance you might just find something great lol. I got these pants from a boutique in there called One & Only. I think they're absolutely amazing and the best part is, i feel like a lot of people wont have them. They kinda remind me of the sheer white pants Kylie Jenner wore while she was in Miami, but the difference is, these babies only cost $30!! I was so pleased with them that i went ahead and got a black pair too! :)

Photo credit : Rudys Romero

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