Balmain army

Outfit Made by me / Heels Jeffrey Campbell / Bag Celine

Its officially fall now and I've decided to start the season off right with the perfect fall color, militairy green.. or is it army green? lol whatever, same thing. I am extra excited about this post in particular because i'm wearing a Rochelle original! an outfit designed and made by yours truly. I seriously cant remember the last time i made something before this. I used to create things all the time before the real world hit me and i had a job. I've been working so much lately that i didnt have as much time for my hobbies, or even having fun at all lol. However, ive elimated some excess baggage from my life, so now im back to having some more "me" time. Hopefully that means more creations in the near future. So what do you guys think of this look? It kinda has that Balmain army esque vibe, right ?

Photo Credit : Rudys Romero


  1. you look sexy

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  3. This is amazing, you really should pursue a career in design, I would pay good money for this!x

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  5. Hi! Could you please tell me where this dress is from?.. it's stunning xx