Top (Stole from my moms closet) / Skirt H&M / Heels Discountstripper.com lol

I feel like my life has been through a series of unfortunate events lately. Not sure if that's the reason I haven't made a post in forever or if its just because I've been super lazy lately lol. Whatever the reason may be, I know I'm done with these long dramatic pauses in between posts. Today's look is just the typical turtleneck + pencil skirt look everybody and their mother seems to be doing now a days. However, I thought id do it with a twist. Instead of doing the whole nude/beige/tan color scheme *yawns*, I wanted to switch it up, make it a little less monotone, more bold. This look would have been a complete snooz-fest had i worn it with a plain black skirt instead of a patent one. I bought this skirt almost 2 years ago. Thank God i kept it!  Patent leather just makes everything more fun, right!


  1. aaahhh this outfit is just so lovely, love the addition of the jumper
    it just pops more because of the slicked back hair. x