Its been so long i could cry! Did y'all miss me!?? ..no? okay lol. sorry i completely went M I A on the blog stuff, I'm slowly but surely getting my life back on track and I finally got a new laptop so that helps too! But anyway, lets talk fashion. I am soo loving the over-the-knee boot trend for fall! There's just something about them that makes any woman look so sexy and powerful. I have yet to see one pair that I don't like. These were a gift from bae. I was going to buy them myself, but he ended up surprising me with them, what a sweetheart! lol. Tell me what you guys think of this trend! Do any of you have a favorite pair of over-the-knee boots for the fall? 


  1. I love your outfits! Please check out my website as well :) itsmissashley.wordpress.com I could use the feedback!

  2. I love them to but i find most of them dont really fit right or look right on me cause my calves are not able to fill out the back so you can clearly see there is a bit of space in the back. So i normally tend to wear mine with jeans so it dont look as bad can you give any advice or tips?